Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wanted: Refridgerator Box

With the onset of one of the greatest milestones in my young life rapidly approaching, one might think that the term excitement or relief would prove itself to be all encompassing. But no, this seems not to be the case. I have often found myself pondering the meaning of this life, my purpose. However, with these thoughts come coupled with the knowledge of "what's next". From grade school I entered into my secondary education, and from high school on to college but here I sit, on the eve of graduation (eve being relative, work with me) and I find myself in constant befuddlement. What now?

Going through the motions; doing what is asked, expected. Yet, when it all comes down to it, where does choice lie? As a descendent of white suburbia, and an alumn, I have found myself wrapped in all my so-called individuality which I now realize has been shrouded in what anything but. What I mean is this, I went to high school from which the graduating class produced a mere 2% (if that) who opted out of college, or to try their hat at something different. My path has been paved, and paved with that padded asphalt- the kind that makes you wonder, "Why so bouncy?"

Don't get me wrong, this is not a complaint. In fact, it is a far cry from a complaint. I am beyond thankful for the opportunities placed before me...and for the gifts that my education has given me. So thankful in fact, that I am becoming an educator. However, the question that I am trying to raise is this: Have we been given too much??

From day one, we have known where our lives will be from ages 5-22, provided we do not hit any of those unforeseen and often tragic bumps in the road. It is amazing that we have been given the opportunity to see into our futures, but what happens when that crystal ball goes cloudy and we are left with a useless hunk of glass?

In 3 weeks I will be graduating from the University of Colorado...I just hope that, without a prescription, I can make the best choice as to what to do with the honor of my education.